26 June 2014


Two words: mall food. I talked in my last post about how much Thai people love to hang out in malls for the free air conditioning. On top of tasty food courts, there are many private restaurants within the malls, usually on the top or bottom floor. Our best meal so far in Bangkok was at a restaurant named Kalpapruek, in the new Central World mall off the Siam stop on the BTS/Skytrain. Our friend Dominic showed us this place on our third day here. It was also the first day I ate green curry here! (remember, I’m on a curry mission here…) Kalpapruek is his favorite restaurant in Bangkok, and now it’s ours too. Ironically, it’s not even a unique place, it’s part of a chain. But they do serve up amazing food. The pictures should leave you hungry. The menu included: -Fried rice with raw northern sausage, lime juice and peanuts (Northern) -Green curry with roti and beef (Northern) -Grilled eggplant with shrimp and salted egg (Central) -Waterfall beef with sticky rice (Northeastern, anything with sticky rice is Northeastern) -Deep fried spring rolls (Central) -An amazing green mint and lychee smoothie Five dishes sounded like a lot for 3 people but we finished it all. Portions in Thailand are not as huge as in American or Chinese restaurants. The price was very reasonable, about $35 or $40 for the complete meal. At last, the pictures: http://saralin808.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/bangkok-diaries-best-meal-weve-had-so-far/ Credit : Food Blogger – Sara Lin